Sita is 25. She lives in Berlin and studies German. She also has a job on a TV station, making video portraits of contestants in a talent show. Sita's constantly in love, and she wants a lot from life. One night she ends up in the studio of an Israeli photo artist, Jocquin. Something about Jocquin touches her, and afterwards she’s unable to forget him as quickly as she had expected.

Sita celebrates her beloved grandfather's 95th birthday back in Vienna, where her father, Lenzi, lives with his new wife and their young son. The evening after the big party, Sita finds a photo in her father's apartment showing her grandfather dressed in an SS uniform. That same night her grandfather has a heart attack. He survives, and Sita decides to stay in Vienna a little longer. Against her father's wishes, she now starts researching her grandfather's past. She realizes there are many things her grandfather and father have failed to tell her.

An old photo she finds in an archive in Vienna has a reference to Warsaw, and she goes to Poland. Sita not only finds more revealing documents there, she also meets a woman from America, a political activist named Silver who helps her.

Documents from a museum in Warsaw provide proof that her grandfather was a guard at a concentration camp. At the time he lived in the camp with his wife; in fact, Sita’s father was born there in late 1944.

When Jocquin follows Sita to Warsaw, only to fall in love with Silver, Sita leaves the city hastily and returns to Vienna. Before she's able to talk to her grandfather about what she has learned, he dies. At the funeral Sita meets the black sheep of the family, her father’s cousin. He is a writer and the only person who confronted Sita's grandfather. He even interviewed the old man for one of his novels years ago.

The distance between Sita and her father has grown considerably. Sita's father was against her research from the very beginning and is now even more angry; he can’tunderstand his daughter at all. But Sita refuses to give up and hopes that she'll understand the past better after examining it, even if she becomes even more estranged from her father as a result.

When Sita watches her uncle's videotapes, she delves deeper and deeper into her family's dark past. Her heart, which has weighed too heavily upon her at times in the past, rebels. Sita must come to terms with the fact that she, just like her grandmother, has a hole in her heart. Although the operation for her condition is not life-threatening, Sita's illness throws her for a loop – or has it brought her back to herself?

On her journey to examine her family's past, Sita meets Jocquin again.

She's forced to realize that working off her "guilt" is not the solution, but that she can accept responsibility for others… and this is what she wants to do.